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Vintage Loop Bump Shop
This page addresses clients needing to have their vintage and contemporary microphones "reverse aged" from damages occurring during recording sessions, be it drops, stand failures, excited drum performances; you name it...!

Vintage Loop offers various services for restoring vintage microphone head grilles, re-establishing body amplifier sleeves after years of oxidation, air borne and hand oil corrosives, and cleaning internal elements such as connector pins, capsule diaphragms, etc...

Through various polishing and cleaning techniques, the early luster of your microphone can be restored to a reasonable facsimile of a museum quality presentation. Preventive finishes are applied to slow a new aging process and prevent against future oxidations and wear. Manufacturer body badges have been restored as well.

A good capsule clean always brings back the clarity of a capsule once known for wide response and "airyness"
Since each aging process and dent is a unique occurrence and history, please contact us for a discussion of your situation and a price quotation at ph. 586-786-1767.

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