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- R. Payne, 2011
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The Mic Shop MS-47 mkII and MS-12 tube condenser microphones embody every reason why recordists and performers think U47 or C12 to capture special moments as they record their songs or inspire their clients to achieve greatness..

The MS-47 features a mylar substrate, gold sputtered M7 capsule, Haufe BV8 output transformer (as in classic vintage U47), Siemens E81CC/ECC81/12AT7 hand selected and measured low noise vacuum tube, fully regulated peak power power supply, Mogami mic cable, Neutrik XLR connectors, suspension shock mount, and Pelican molded interior system carry case. Everything from vocals, classical orchestras and quartets, strings, pianos, drum kit overheads sound amazing through this microphone system-- the craft of the microphone is ultimate jewel quality...

The MS-12 is everything one ever thought or knew a classic vintage C12 should be-- It has been said that it "out C12's a C12!"... Open airy top end with depth and clarity to die for, beautiful definition and clarity for vocals, orchestral strings and percussion, acoustic string instruments, shines in room ambience... all character of its own and in its own class, again crafted at jewel level quality-- includes Mogami mic cable, fully regulated peak power supply, shock mount, rior Pelican molded interior system carry case.

You will appreciate your new purchase.. your clients will praise you for the results!