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Vintage Loop sells the following Celestion speakers for repairing, replacing, or upgrading your instrument amplifier. Celestion speakers became famous for their tonal quality through vintage Marshall and VOX amplifiers, and were chosen for many contemporary amplifiers as well. Celestion speakers have also been used as upgrades in many repair occurences, and as replacements to original speakers found in Fender, Crate, Ampeg, Orange... any amplifier using conventional  10 & 12 inch speaker diameters. Also used in creative speaker baffle redesigns in custom amplifier upgrade mod's...

Particular to the early VOX sound was the Celestion G12 AlNiCo blue. The Celestion G12 AlNiCo blue has been installed in premium issues of VOX AC30 and AC15 amplifiers. The Celestion G12 AlNiCo blue is a really sweet sounding speaker with just the right crisp and grit. AlNiCo you see...

The sound of the G12M "greenback" (25 watts) is unmistakable, and legendary. Great sustain and power chords with midrange clarity are a rock and roll god's gift to the ears. Aside from the 100 watt total powering originally installed in Marshall 4x12 cabinets, the 25 watt G12M greenback makes an interesting substitute in amps like the Fender '65 Deluxe as well. Try it! Many happy players!... Ceramic in nature... 

For maintaining great tone and alleviating speaker burnout, the Celestion Vintage 30 (VIN30, 60 watts) is great for 4x12 cabinets and 2x12 combo amplifiers. The Celestion Vintage 30 is responsible for many of the contemporary amplifier sounds recorded today and performed on tour. Giving a bit more sparkle and power, it says "come hither" just over the hill of the G12M greenback.

As for the G12M (25 watts) or G12H (30 watts) made in England (Heritage vs. Classic series), the elusive British Sterling exchange rate makes one evaluate the question of build location (cost differential) and its criteria or level of importance... The sound of the G12M original made in England is known from the early Marshall 1960 cabinets.. The Classic series allows one access at a lower price... 

A word about the G12H:   sparkle and clarity are brevity of words for this phenomienal speaker-- it is amazing! Furthermore, G12H has a free air resonance at 55 Hz compared with many of the other Celestion speakers @ 75 Hz, which means it gives you extended bass response-- which means that the open E is Killer! It is a beautiful sounding speaker-- full bodied in all regards--
Give this consideration before you buy something else!  
Vintage Loop has developed speaker enclosures which combine the attributes of Celestion and Jensen speakers in various array formats. If you can't buy them all-- buy one!.. call us!

All speakers sold new, manufactureer's warranty, factory sealed box-- "no open box, demo"-- fresh new... which is why we have to ask you to evaluate speaker data and research in depth, as we cannot accept returns on speakers...

For additional speaker requests and questions, call Vintage Loop @ 586-786-1767.

Please see Vintage Loop stock speaker and pricing below:
Celestion G12M greenback | $129.00 Classic series 16 ohm
Celestion G12H | $154.00 Classic series 16 ohm
Celestion VIN30 | $145.00 Classic series 16 ohm
Celestion G12-65 ROLA | $$169.00 Heritage series 15 ohm | (Made in England)
Celestion G12H Creamback | $169.00  Classic series 16ohm
Celestion G12M-65 Creamback | $159.00  Classic series 16 ohm
Celestion G12H | $199.00   Heritage series  16 ohm | (Made in England)