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Telefunken Elektroakustik Microphones
 + Accessories Product Line
Diamond Series vintage tube mics
RFT Series tube + Fet Mics
Dynamic Microphone Series
Telefunken Elektroakustik Diamond Series Tube Microphones
Ela M251E U47 U48 C12
Telefunken Elektroakustik Dynamic Series Microphones
M80 M81 M82
M81 WH
M80 chrome/gold
M80 Assorted Color
D6 | D7 drum mic kits
Telefunken Elektroakustik TDP1 TDP2 TDA1 TDA2 DI direct boxes
Telefunken Elektroakustik THP29 headphones
Telefunken Elektroakustik RFT Series tube and FET Microphones
AR51 AK47 mkII CU29 M260 M60 tube and FET microphones:
D.W. Fearn
VT-1 VT-2 tube preamps
VT-4 VT-5 tube equalizers
VT-7 tube compressor
VT-24 4-ch. tube preamp
VT-3 tube DI direct box
LPB-1 line match box
PDB passive direct box

LaChapell Audio
992EG 583 983
tube microphone preamps
503 tube EQ
vintage tube amplifiers
1567A mixer amplifier
436 A-C 438 A-C compressor amplifier
1566 preamplifier

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Accusound Cable Co.
All high quality copper cables for maximizing signal transfer from instruments, studio interconnect patching ...
Jensen Speakers
AlNiCo and Ceramic
P10R P12Q P12N
C10Q C12K C12N
Mods | Jets
Celestion Speakers
G12M VIN30 G12-65 Creamback
G12H Heritage  ROLA-65 
Vintage Loop store
All products and product lines from Telefunken Elektroakustik, D.W. Fearn, LaChapell Audio, Altec vintage tube mixer and compressor amplifiers, Accusound Cable, Jensen speakers, Celestion speakers
Vintage Loop proudly sells the finest audio path components for your recording studio needs in making the best records possible, "capturing the moment" with the best equipment possible. After all, many times we get only one chance to record that special and unique moment-- it should be done with the best known equipment consciously possible.
That said, you should give a serious look to Accusound cable.  Face it, the cable is the "other" sometimes overlooked portion of the transducer which delivers that special microphone character, preamp divine signal to your recording device... to measure how well you did, you also need to hear it back as accurately as possible through your speaker cable. 

Accusound cable delivers those signal properties as accurately as state of the art can currently provide.

Accusound ACX Series instrument and microphone cables are made in the USA.  The perfect transmission of sound signals.  Composed of oxygen-free copper, high strand count conductors, audiophile grade polymers, high end connectors assembkled on cables using silver solder, and are RoHS compliant.

Vintage Loop sells the full line of all Accusound products which include cables for your tube, fet, ribbon, and dynamic microphones, as well as full line of speaker cables and line signal inter-recording device cables.

To retain the purity of your musical instrument signal, the character of your specially chosen pickups, etc., Accusound also manufactures various length instrument cables and inter patch "pedal jumper" wiring.

To arrange purchase or pose questions regarding of any Accusound product, please call Vintage Loop at ph. 586-786-1767.

Please see listing of all Accusound cable products and related pricing below:

ACX2 Instrument cables:

        Cable type Description                                                                     List Price                        Street Price
GX2-24-IC     24'   guitar/instrument cable                                               $119.95                              $100.00
GX2-24-ICR   24'   guitar/instrument cable                                                 122.95                                103.00

BX2-24-IC      24'   bass guitar cable                                                            119.95                                100.00
BX2-24-ICR    24'   bass guitar cable                                                            122.95                                103.00

Above "R" indicates one right angle connector per cable. Guitar/instrument cables and bass cables are assembled with oxygen-free copper, high strand count conductors, audiophile grade polymers, high end gold plated connectors assembled to wires with silver solder, ROHS compliant.
MX4 Quad Mic Cable with male/female straight XLR connectors:

MX4-  15-MC  15' Mic/Interconnect Cable
                                                100.00                                  90.00
MX4-  25-MC  25' Mic/Interconnect Cable                                                 130.00                                110.00                 MX4-  30-MC  30' Mic/Interconnect Cable                                                 145.00                                120.00                                                                              
MX4-  50-MC  50' Mic/Interconnect Cable                                                 195.00                                170.00

TX Quad Mic Cable with TRS to Female XLR 

TX15F  15' MX4  TRS to XLR-F                                                                      115.00                                100.00
TX25F  25' MX4  TRS to XLR-F                                                                      145.00                                130.00

AT Series 7-conductor Tube Microphone Cable

AT-7    7-pin Tube Mic cable,  25' length                                                                                                170.00 
AT-7   50TMC  7-conductor Tube Mic Cable, 50' length                                                                         279.00
MX4 Quad Wire Mic/Interconnect Cable w/ right angle XLR:

MX4 15-MCR 15' Mic/Interconnect cable, right angle XLR                                                                    93.00
MX4 25-MCR 25' Mic/Interconnect cable, right angle XLR                                                                  113.00
MX4 30-MCR 30' Mic/Interconnect cable, right angle XLR                                                                  123.00
MX4 50-MCR 50' Mic/Interconnect cable, right angle XLR                                                                  173.00
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