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New and vintage microphones, amplifiers, preamps, compressors, program equalizers... to enhance the recording studio and live sound experience!

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vintage tube amplifier refurb services
1567A mixer amplifier
436 A-C/ 438 A-C compressor amplifiers
1566 preamplifier
D.W. Fearn
VT-1 VT-2 tube preamps
VT-4 VT-5 tube equalizers
VT-7 tube compressor
VT-24 4-ch. tube preamp
VT-3 tube DI direct box
LPB-1 line match box
PDB passive direct box

LaChapell Audio
992EG 583 983
tube microphone preamps

503 tube equalizer
Jensen Speakers
AlNiCo and Ceramic
P10R P12Q P12N
C10Q C12K C12N
Mods | Jets
Mic Shop

MS-47 mkII

Vintage Style Tube Condenser Microphones
" Use your talents-- Don't waste your gifts"...
- R. Payne, 2011
Celestion Speakers
G12M VIN30 G12-65 Creamback
G12H Heritage  ROLA-65 
Accusound Cable Co.
All high quality copper cables for maximizing signal transfer from instruments, studio interconnect patching ...
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All products from The Mic Shop, D.W. Fearn, LaChapell Audio, Altec vintage tube mixer and compressor amplifiers, Accusound Cable, Jensen speakers, Celestion speakers
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We welcome all clients from all interest levels and world locations, taking an avid interest in your recording studio endeavors.

We engage with needs spanning the beginning studio owner and performer to the long term studio icons offering decades of experiences in the recording and music industry.

Our business is to provide the finest recording studio and performance equipment solutions as assets toward developing your trademark sound product quality and the resulting relationships with your artists, clients and customers. We are known for this dedication across North America and internationally.

We sell both new, brand name, warranty covered, sealed box items as well as vintage microphones, preamps, compressors, effects, tracking devices, equalizers,... anything leading to final mastering of your [or your client's] recording project...
Additionally, as a pro audio reseller, we are able to be about the business of relocating any recording studio assets which are no longer relevant to your studio activities, and at the same time, through our pre-owned products list, can make you aware of available recording equipment assets which you may aspire to own. 

Vintage Loop has gained a worldwide following with our repair and refurbishment services which initially started with Altec tube mixer amplifiers and compressor amplifiers, and has proceeded to refurbish many others...

We represent and supply new recording studio and pro audio products lines as well.  Vintage Loop offers you, and evaluates in detail, recording studio tools which reflect highest standards of sonic character, visual appeal, innovation, quality engineering, and responsive warranty service. Our endorsements in these products occur as a reflection and belief in those manufacturers listed herein.


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Vintage Loop Philosophy
Our mission is to provide you with a very focused and high quality product line for making great records, responsible and responsive order processing, reasonably and timely quick turnaround while remaining to fulfill your request with comprehensive pride and diligence in our equipment refurbishment and repair services. When required, we offer complete services used in the sale and transport of vintage recording and mixing devices. 

​We extend this invitation to employ our services worldwide, and return ship using FedEx and USPS carrier services with declared value coverage.

​We are located approximately 45 minutes northeast of Detroit, Michigan. Business related visits are arranged by appointment. Please contact us ph. 586-786-1767, or by email: gitarlix@aol.com.
  1. Product Sales
    We are on a constant mission to assure you are offered and transacted the best possible recording related devices available. Our product line is narrow but well focused to save you time and expense in your pursuit toward making fine recordings as an artist or engineer providing services to clients. Our product line is critically screened for capable performance at a high level, and also for the manufacturer's product support and turnaround time. Our quest is to work with you as if we work in the same hallway or studio together. Many of the microphone products we sell are used through human interaction and various exposures to varying environments and as such, for health reasons, are not returnable on basis of "a change in mind". However there is warranty coverage for all new products through which any problems may be remedied. We ship all products with declared value insurance to cover the amount of the transaction in the case where a complication occurs and a claim is justified toward a return to whole remedy. All shipments occur upon posting of purchase funds to our account. An status update is emailed to our client. All shipments require declared value insurance which is part of the shipment cost. For free shipping offers, the standard shipment cost is free with the declared value insurance cost additional, optional with liability to the buyer. Free shipping applies to domestic USA mainland destinations only-- HI, PR, Guam and similar regions are billed in similar fashion to international rates.
  2. Refurbishments and Repairs
    Our refurbishing services started with restoring Altec vacuum tube mixer amplifier and compressor amplifier products, namely the Altec 1567A 1566 438A-C and 436 A-C models. During those early times we became involved in microphone repair as well. Today we have expanded into recapping services for various "go to" favorites such as 1176LN and a wide range of preamps. Our work is detailed and time consuming, with particular attention to the cleanliness of the part connection, internal chassis EMI concerns, self noise and other anomalies that affect the clarity of the resultant sound presentation. To recall Bill Murray in Caddy Shack " If you want to catch a gopher, you have to think like a gopher"... We think about the purity of the connection and what that electron will "see". Therein lies the time invested and the objective to perform high standard work for you. We have also gained experience through our "Bump Shop", curing microphone grilles of unattractive dents, grimed up grille screens, and all that other particulate rubbish that seems to accumulate with microphones exposed to various environmental elements. Along with that we have performed a lengthy experience of capsule cleaning and remedies to rid microphones of irritating audible distractions, without which would otherwise provide a clear background to the music! In any case, we look forward to getting you past these hurdles whether it be a dirty capsule, tube, grille housing, or just a general cleanup-- inquire within! Our general turnaround time is ten days or better, depending on level of task, part availability, etc... Service are invoiced through PayPal in most cases... We welcome your call!
  3. International Sales & Shipments
    We appreciate all international business and ship worldwide. We are happy to have you engage with Vintage Loop to conduct international business and become part of the Vintage Loop family of clients. Typically we ship using United States Postal Service (USPS). We utilize the options of either Priority or Express Mail so that a tracking number is available or that various insurance coverage/declared values may be present to cover the transaction amount of the item. In requested scenarios, we will ship through FedEx International at additional costs. In any case we work with your shipment requirements and execute responsibly. Many countries in Europe have postal reimbursement amounts limited to $650. In the case where higher priced items are shipped, the Express Mail option must be employed to accommodate the transaction amount declared value. This is reflected in the shipping amount as invoiced. The International Bill of Lading and Customs forms require notation of the merchandise value of the item being shipped. Being that this is a very informed global business environment, many price seeking shoppers are plentiful, including Customs agents. Please do not ask us to ship items as gifts or to indicate a false lower value of the item on the form in order to avoid VAT fees, etc. Lowering the item declared value lowers the shipment insurance coverage, and in the event of a complication or confiscation puts the liability with the buyer. We ship with an awareness to protect the item during shipment and with your best interests in mind. We are honored that you embark to do international business with Vintage Loop!